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Make Your Summer Count!

Camp Leaders provides summer camp job opportunities for people from around the world to work at American summer camps in the United States, and to travel afterwards.

We need people with a wide range of skills, experiences and talents to work at an America Summer Camp either with children or 'behind the scenes' as support staff.  Whatever it is that you do then there is most likely a job for YOU!

This will without doubt, be the most rewarding, challenging and unforgettable job you'll ever have. You'll work hard and you'll do it in amazing surroundings, having great fun and making new friends to last a lifetime!

Once you have finished at summer camp you have time to let loose, have fun and explore the wonders of the America.  Visit New York, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Las Vegas or the Hollywood Hills, whatever you want as the choice is yours!

What you get with Camp Leaders:

  • A summer job in America

  • All inclusive return transatlantic flights 

  • Food and accommodation while at camp

  • 90 days comprehensive medical insurance

  • Visa documentation & Support (we'll even go to the embassy with you!)

  • Up to 4 weeks travel time in the US

  • Pocket money of up to £1150

  • The best customer care and support in the industry - all of the Camp Leaders team have worked at summer camp, so we really know what we are talking about!

  • An Orientation in your local area (meet others who are going to camp!)

  • Great travel discounts with our parent company Smaller Earth

  • The summer of a lifetime!

All this from just £299

Applying is simple, just register a profile and one of our friendly camp gurus will be in contact with you!

Visit today! 

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