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Watersports Instructor 2022 USA
Watersports Instructor 2022 USA
Fireside Camps
Watersports centre jobs (Waterskiing, Kayaking, Dinghy )
Summer 2022

Watersport Instructor jobs at American summer camps.

FireSide Camps are the ONLY specialist in outdoor adventure jobs at summer camps in America.

With great facilities, access to the wilderness and incredible backdrops, use your skills and experience for the summer of a life time in the Northwoods of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We are looking for both qualified and/or experienced watersport instructors. You will have qualifications/experience in one or more of the following;

·        sailing

·        windsurfing

·        paddle boarding

·        canoeing

·        kayaking

·        water-skiing

·        motor boat driving

·        swim instructing

·        life guarding

You'll almost be a fish, having spent so much time on and in the water.

Throughout the summer you'll lead classes in your activity with a team of staff there to support you. You'll have accommodation and food covered, time off to explore the local area and up to 30 days (your choice) to travel at the end of the summer - National Parks, cities, beaches or where you fancy.

We secure you a fair wage and support you throughout the process. 

Don't delay apply to be a Watersports Instructor with Fireside Camps today!

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